There are a large number of hybrids of sweet corn available. We’ve selected some of our favorites and listed them below, first by color, then by variety. Unless otherwise noted, most corn varieties are ready to harvest in 70 days for early cultivars and around 100 for other cultivars, depending on where you live. If you live in a warm area, you can expect harvest about a week earlier. Ask your local extension agent for tips on growing times.

White corn Hybrid Gardening info
Aspen Large ears, 83 days to harvest. Delicious flavor.
Camelot A hardy plant with a strong base.
Treasure 83 days to harvest, very hardy.
Pegasus Early soil germination.
Normal Sugary
Platinum Lady Very light and sweet flavor with attractive ears.  86 days to harvest.
Silver Queen Basic, high quality corn with disease resistance (Helminthosporium and bacterial wilt).
Sugary Enhancer
Avalanche Attractive plant with delicious flavor.
Sugar Snow Delicate and sweet, beautiful white kernels.  71 days to harvest.
Seneca Starshine 71 days to harvest. Bright white and tender kernels.  Needs higher soil temperatures to germinate.
Yellow corn
Challenger Crisp ‘N Sweet 85 days to harvest.  Produces a high number of cobs and is easy to germinate.  Disease resistance.
Early Xtra Sweet Early bloomer. 70 days to harvest.
Jubilee Supersweet Very popular with home gardeners.  Very sweet flavor.
Normal Sugary
Golden Cross Bantam 85 days to harvest.  Excellent for home gardens.
Seneca Horizon Early season, delicious flavor.
Sundance Mid to early season harvest, about 70 days.  Tolerates the cold. 
Iochief Good for midseason.  86 days to harvest.  
Earlivee Very early harvest, around 58 days.
Sugary Enhancer
Maple Sweet 70 days to harvest.  Delicious flavor.
Terminator Large cobs, resistant to disease.
Incredible Large ears, attractive plants with high yield.
Honey ‘N Peral Won the All-America Selection award in 1988.
Hudson Very tend ears.  Excellent flavor for the home gardener.
Phenomenal 85 days to harvest.  Attractive plant with good flavor.
Normal Sugary
BiQueen Later harvest, about 92 days. Similar to Silver Queen cultivar.
Butter & Sugar 75 days to harvest.  Excellent for the home gardener.
Honey & Cream Smooth, crisp, sweet flavor. 80 days to harvest.
Sugary Enhancer
D’Artagnan 71 days to harvest.  Very high quality plant.  Fairly early harvest.
Double Delight Big ears, similar to Incredible cultivar.  85 days to harvest.

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