Sweet Corn Growing Products

Here are several of our favorite sweet corn growing products:

Tumbleweed Compost Bin

Patented design helps with aeration of compost. Member tested and ranked “Recommended” by the National Home Gardening Club.

Electronic Soil Tester

This multipurpose electronic soil tester allows you to monitor the conditions of the soil pH, soil moisture, light intensity, and total combined nitrogen and phosphorus and potash levels. This information really helps pinpoint what you need to know to prepare for gardening success.

Organic Vegetable Fertilizer

When preparing gardens for vegetables or tomatoes apply 5 lbs. of Garden-Tone per 100 square feet and work into the top 4 to 5 inches of soil. When possible, organic matter such as compost, humus, or peat moss should be mixed into the top 4 to 5 inches of soil.

Neem Organic Insect Control

Neem controls a wide variety of insects on houseplants, herbs, vegetables, nuts, fruit, flowers, trees, roses, lawns and shrubs. Great for the organic gardener.

Kelp Organic Fertilizer

Organic kelp meal is a brown seaweed harvested from cold sea waters. It is processed at a low temperature and dried ground to produce a meal. It is an excellent organic supplement to other plant foods and soil conditioners, and is approved for organic gardening.

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